‘Change will always start with you’

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 Former Michigan State University basketball star Anthony Ianni had a person who bullied him in fifth grade ask him for an autograph.

The man wanted his basketball signed.

“He was super excited to see me; I didn’t want to see him at all,” said Ianni, a 2010 and 2012 Big Ten champion and member of Michigan State’s Final Four team, who signed the ball and chatted with the man.

Later as he drove away from the arena, Ianni said he had to laugh because his one-time bully had asked for the autograph on behalf of his sibling, but he knew his former bully didn’t have any brothers or sisters and simply was too chicken to ask for the signature himself.

On Friday, Ianni brought his anti-bullying “Relentless Tour” to Edison high and middle schools. He started the initiative five years ago.

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