What You Get:

  • Access to Exclusive Blogs, Videos, and Photos
  • Downloadable Poster
  • Downloadable Facebook Cover
  • RELENTLESS Wristband
  • Lapel Pin
  • Autographed 8×10 of Anthony
  • Invite to Join a Conference Call with Anthony
  • One-on-One Web Chat with Anthony
  • Personal Letter from Anthony
  • Contests! Like win a chance to play HORSE with Anthony

*If you would still like to support the RELENTLESS Tour but would not like to join the club you can donate here, thank-you.

Why Join?

Bullying effects almost 160,000 children daily. Children with Autism are some of the most at risk children, between 65-90% of them experience bullying at some time during their school career. Bullying, along with cyber-bullying leads to poor grades, poor health, and in the most extreme situations death or suicide.

For only $88 dollars you can help stop that!

Studies show that schools that have anti-bullying programs curb bullying by 50%. The RELENTLESS Tour is the most unique anti-bullying campaign in the state’s history. You can be part of that history!

Help the Autism Alliance and Anthony stop bullying in its tracks!

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