Presented by The Michigan Department of Civil Rights


The Relentless Tour with Anthony Ianni is a first of its kind grass roots initiative designed to help eradicate bullying across the state of Michigan and beyond.

Bullying is something that affects everyone in one form or another. Additionally, individuals with autism are one of the highest targeted groups to be the victims of a bully with numbers ranging from 65-90% and it has to be stopped.

The Michigan Department of Civil Rights (MDCR) own Anthony Ianni, one of the most sought after anti-bullying advocates in the state and across the country, has pledged to visit as many schools as possible in Michigan over the next year.

Anthony’s story is one that reaches everyone. Diagnosed with autism at a young age Anthony’s parents were told he would never graduate, never play sports and likely have to live in a group home for his entire adult life. Anthony was bullied extensively as a child because of his autism and the fact that he shot up to 6’9″ quite young.

Anthony defied all of the odds and not only graduated from MSU with a degree in Sociology but went on to be the first known individual with autism to play college basketball. During his time on the team he played in two Big Ten Championships and a Final Four.

And now he is sharing his story and helping others live their dreams. The outpouring of letters from victims and even the bullies themselves after each time Anthony speaks is astounding. He makes an impact every time.

You can learn more about Anthony Ianni, here.