Who Inspires Anthony Ianni?

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Purpose2Play asked MDCR’s own Anthony Ianni to write about who inspires him. He writes:

“Growing up, my inspirations and heroes were always changing because I loved that people are not one-dimensional and are capable of achieving success in different areas of life.

For example, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is another person who I idolize. He’s a guy who went from being the greatest WWE wrestler to becoming the world’s highest paid actor, and along the way, really showed me how hard work pays off.

As a motivational speaker, I try to stay on that level from a working perspective, inspiring as many people as I can.

But, there’s only one true inspiration in my life aside my two-year-old son, Knox. This person is someone I have looked up to since day one. This person, who with the help of my mom, pushed me to the limit every day and encouraged me to be great at everything I did. Whether it was basketball, school or just being a great all-around person, this man taught me to give my all in everything that I did. And, that person is my father, Greg Ianni.”

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