Why I Wanted To Start This Tour

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Why I Wanted To Start This Tour

I wanted to embark on this journey to not only raise more awareness for Autism, but to also do what I can to put an end to bullying around our great state of Michigan.

Bullying is something that everyone has been touched by it can affect everyone. The stories I hear from kids, parents and teachers at the places I speak are haunting and the scars run deep for those who have been victims.

A stat a lot of people may not know is that 65-90% of kids, who have Autism, are the prime target for bullies. I myself was one of those victims when I was younger and it continued until I was a freshman in high school. After I heard this stat I knew I had to take action!

This tour will not only be the symbol for stopping bullying in Michigan, but hopefully will also bring hope and inspiration to those facing bullies today. I have overcome a lot in my life to become the man I am today. I want to do everything I can to make a positive impact on the people I meet through my story and experiences. More importantly I want to help put bullying to an end forever. I’ve been lucky enough to receive incredible letters and calls from the people I’ve already spoken to… quite often even from the bullies themselves pledging to never bully again.

I know in my heart together we can out an end to bullying in our state. It all starts here as we hit 659 Middle Schools in 180 days. Please join me in this first of its kind initiative. Check back here for updates on the tour, stories, celebrations and more.